Hey affiliates,

Have you ever have doubts about your business? You were thinking  things like “Hey maybe this whole thing is not going to work.” or rather “This is not really a good idea after all.”

Well, don’t worry, you are not alone. As a rather new business entity ourselves, we sometimes find that things may not be as easy as we think it will be, even though we know that what we are doing was very much ahead of traditional ways of thinking.

Today I will be highlighting 5 simple tips on ways to get back on track and be aligned with your initial goals! These were tips originally shared by our very own CEO, Vishen Lakhiani on how he manages a company of close to 200 brilliant minds!

1. Establish Your Company Vision

2. Establish Your Smart Number

3. Establish Your KPIs

4. Establish Your Quarterly Goals

5. Establish an Effective Project Management System

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I hope you’ll be pumped up and ready for all sorts of opportunities and obstacles coming along the way after reading this article. Looking forward to hear of great news from every one of you!





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