Hey affiliates,

To start off the year, we are here to bring in some good news to all of you! We will be launching Duality as an evergreen offer this week!

Duality promo has proven to be really powerful for our previous users and we we decided to make it evergreen so it will always available for you all to promote anytime of the year!

The author, Jeffrey Allen, has helped thousands of clients over the past 20 years to live in alignment with their true purpose (and energy) — so they can create the lives they are meant to be living. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Jeffrey is regarded as a global authority on energy healing and many reputed healers regularly seek him for healing sessions. Hence he’s known as The Healers’ Healer.

In this ground-breaking class, your clients will discover…

    • FOUR of Jeffery’s most effective energy healing techniques… that’ll help you attract more synchronicity in your life.


    • An incredibly simple “intuition exercise” you can use to get answers to any question — even beginners can use this simple technique to feel “more trusted and confirmed” and … enjoy a more perfect connection to their source.


    • The revelation that everything is energy (and learn how to use this scientific fact to become an exceptional healer and a creative powerhouse).


    • How to send beams of love to everything and anything… you’ll be doing this with thousands of personal growth practitioners from around the world.


    • How to leak-proof your personal energy — so you’ll never lose the tremendous feelings of inspiration, love, wealth, harmony and peace that you experience in deep meditation. You’ll never have a dull moment in life.


And much, much more…

If you have a blog on spirituality and self help, you’ll definitely want to consider mailing for Duality.

Creatives will be available by this Friday, 15th January 2016. Do check out your account in CAKE by the end of the week. 🙂

Mailing Window:

Emails can go out on any day of the week. Once people opt in to receive a free introductory course they will go through a series of lessons to guide them through.

Hope you’re equally excited as I am, speak soon!



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