We will be launching Faster Deeper Bliss by Tom Cronin on Saturday, October 15th.

Faster Deeper Bliss is a 21-day home-study course that aims to help you to become a meditation expert and become able to meditate on your own daily. It is the closer you get from having a private meditation coach.


Masterclass Offer: $199 (applies if purchase is made within 24 hours of watching masterclass)

Special Offer: $299 (applies if purchase is made later than 24 hours after watching masterclass and only available for 7 days)

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Mailing Dates:

  • Email #1: Masterclass Opt-in (RECOMMENDED) – Mail any day between Saturday, October 15th to Tuesday, October 18th
  • Email #2: Masterclass Opt-in Reminder (OPTIONAL) – Mail any day between Sunday, October 16th to Tuesday, October 18th
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About the program:

Faster Deeper Bliss is a home-study course of 21 meditations with 7 hours of content each and 2 additional bonuses.

It helps master the art of stillness and mindfulness so that you can finally master that ONE personal growth practice that makes all aspects of your life better, from attracting more joy and better relationship to creating more abundance and productivity. This is for everyone and anyone from young to old.

Tom Cronin spent 26 years as a broker in finance trading inflation swaps and bonds for the banks. After suffering a lot of stress in his job, he turned to meditation to help manage the symptoms. This was life changing for Tom! He recently walked away from the industry at the height of his 26 year successful career to fulfill his mission of spreading calm and stillness across the globe.

The portal to access this stillness is meditation. Tom has been teaching meditation for many years now and has inspired thousands of people all over the world as a teacher, author and keynote speaker to unlock their brilliance and calm with meditation.

He has been featured on national TV in Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald, Huffington Post, Vogue magazine, Conde Nast traveller, Qantas traveller, NineMSN, The Sunday Telegraph and countless blog sites.

Tom has put together all his meditation tools in a simple 21-day framework that anyone can use to replicate his transformation.

You don’t need any external technology, music, apps, awkward sitting positions, chanting, colorful pillows or a whale song soundtrack to find peace. This is meditation for the real world is one of the most practical meditation courses you’ll ever find.

Program Testimonials:

“Tom has taken some deep dives into the ocean of self. His wisdom and warmth inspires countless others, including myself, to do the same.”
Drew Heriot
Director of “The Secret”

“Learning to meditate with Tom has been amazing. It has changed my life!”
Lisa Nichols
CEO of Motivating the Masses, best-selling author and speaker

“In life you rarely get to meet someone who inspires, empowers and sees you for who you are and you for them. My good friend Tom Cronin is just that. He is committed to helping change the world.”
Paul Hoffman
Chief Visionary at The Success Creation Institute

Upcoming Launches:

Coming right after this launch, we will be launching Life Visioning by Michael Beckwith on October 23rd. It is a 6-week coaching program that will show you how to get unstuck, find and live in alignment with your divine purpose, get answers to your most burning questions, and create remarkable shifts in all areas of your life, from health and relationships to career, business and money. Do stay tuned for our next newsletter or check out our Affiliate FB Community for more updates.

If you have any questions at all, do check out this FAQ. You may also drop us an email at jvpartners@mindvalley.com if you don’t find the answer to your question there.

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