Have you ever wondered why your life looks the way it does today?

Do you struggle with money and affluence, thinking why you can’t seem to crack the secret code to abundance and wealth? The kind of forever happiness everyone is always harping about?

If so, it’s because there’s something in the way preventing you from connecting with your real, authentic self.

This is because we inherit our old family stories and generational energy which imprint on our souls, covering our true potential. Our souls, on the other hand, have agreed to certain life experiences. Our soul comes into the mortal world to experience the range of human experiences — from low-vibration experiences to high-vibration experiences.

We are living a life based on the inheritance of culture, belief systems, and mediocrity mindset.

To break free from these imprinted energies and limiting beliefs, Carol Tuttle will guide you through a 12-week course to help you connect with your abundant, amazing self — so you can finally create the life you’ve been dreaming about.

Carol teaches you to identify beliefs based on what is being reflected by your inner energy system. With these beliefs, the old ones are eliminated to make way for the new, empowering beliefs that will allow you to expand, contribute, and create wealth.

During this entire process, Carol uses Chakra Clearing, Meridians and Soul Contract Clearing to help you identify and eliminate the negative imprints. Once new sets of imprints are installed, she will guide you towards energizing your energy field again so you can be who you’re truly meant to be.

Imagine waking up a new person… in just 12 weeks.

This course should not only be consumed by your sublist, but by you, too. So we all learn and grow together in creating a holistic living space for a better tomorrow.

After all this, it should be a good enough reason to sign up >>>

Drop us an email at jvpartners@mindvalley.com if you need any assistance at all.

Have a soulful weekend ahead!

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