Introducing Mindvalley Academy’s first ever lucid dreaming program — Dream Sculpting by Andrew Holocek. This program will be launched next Tuesday, September 13th.

It is a 6-week home-study audio program with weekly LIVE Q&A session focusing on the topic of how to utilise the hours we spend sleeping to solve complex problems, accelerate spiritual growth, and have mind-blowing adventures of our choice.

Program Price:

Masterclass Offer: $249 (offer only applies to leads who purchase within 24 hours of watching their selected masterclass date)
Special Offer: $299 (available right after the masterclass offer expires)

Mailing Window:

  • Email #1: Masterclass Opt-in (RECOMMENDED) – Mail any day between Tuesday, September 13th to Sunday, September 18th
  • Email #2: Masterclass Opt-in Reminder (OPTIONAL) – Mail any day between Wednesday, September 14th to Sunday, September 18th
  • Email #3: Sales Page (RECOMMENDED) – Mail any day between Tuesday, September 13th to Sunday, September 25th

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About The Program:

In the Lucid Dreaming masterclass you will be exposed to The Secrets of Lucid Dreaming and how you can upgrade key areas of your life through the hours you spend sleeping. Considering the fact that Americans currently have the average 6.8 hours of sleep at night according to a Gallup study which is 2,482 hours a year or roughly 21 years for a person living up to the age of 75, you can imagine the opportunity for growth and expansion that awaits anyone who’s willing to utilize at least a fraction of those missed hours.

The program will also reveal fascinating ways in which you can use Lucid Dreaming to enhance your life — and 4 ways in which professional athletes use it to upgrade their physical skills in waking life.

About The Author:

Andrew Holecek is an author, spiritual teacher, and humanitarian. He has studied directly with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and many other esteemed Rinpoches, Khenpos, Acharayas, and Lamas. Known as an expert on death and dying, a devout buddhist practitioner, Andrew is an undeniable expert in laying out complicated contemporary practices of eastern spirituality in simple words. Through his teachings on meditation, lucid dreaming and dream yoga, Andrew has delivered a body of wisdom that liberates people from all sorts of mental and physical limitations.

He also has a strong scientific background, including training in biology and physics. This has instilled a healthy skeptical nature, one that has inspired him to go directly to the source to obtain his education and meditative training in Buddhism. He has studied extensively in Nepal, India, Bhutan, and even Tibet – the geographic and doctrinal wellspring of Buddhism — receiving teachings from the greatest living masters.

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Program Testimonials:

“Andrew is the best lucid dreaming teacher in the West. His teaching on this fascinating and important topic is clear, contextual, relevant, practical, and engaging.”
Chris Thatcher
Attorney/Acting Coach/Somatic Psychotherapist

 “A pragmatic approach to lucid dreaming and spirituality that focuses on what works. He covers the spectrum of practice and theory well, and makes it all practical and useful. I cannot recommend it enough.”
Jay Mutzafi
Host, The Lucid Dreaming Podcast by LucidSage

 “Andrew Holecek helps us to accept the inevitability of difficulty and find new ways of coping with challenge.”
Andrea Miller
Editor, Shambhala Sun magazine

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Upcoming Launches:

We will be launching a Speed Learning program— PhotoReading by Dr Paul Scheele in first half of October.
Apparently, it’s a major need that even Bill Gates said that if he could have ONE superpower, it would be speed learning. Stay tuned for more details or block your calendar for this mailing if you think this program resonates well to your audience.

Drop us an email at if you have any questions at all.

Looking forward to seeing you on board. Have a great week ahead!


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