We will be launching a new program— Photoreading by Paul Scheele next Thursday, October 6th.

Photoreading is a reading technique that bypasses the conscious mind and sends the information to the storage section in the subconscious mind. By having this ability, you can complete your reading quickly and efficiently, leaving more time for other aspirations and pursuits.


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Original Product Price: $595

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About the program:

It is a 8-week home study course with 10 hours of content broken into 8 easy to consume modules.

Traditional education system taught us to read and learn using a left-brain method of inputting information one word at a time, rehearsing it, and hoping something gets stored. The conscious mind can only handle seven pieces of information at a time—plus or minus two.

This program is designed to help you gain skill upgrades through the use of two powerful techniques to enhance your reading speed— the tangerine method that puts your brain in the right mode to retain information, and the dipping or rhythmic perusal technique to tap into your brain’s automatic word-recognition mechanism which students could experience results instantly.

Paul Scheele shares how Photoreading changed his life and the fascinating story of how he finished one of his doctoral theses that he’d been procrastinating on for more than 6 years in just 1 hour and 20 minutes.

He talked about the genius idea behind Accelerated Whole Brain Learning and why the traditional Slow Left Brain Learning taught in grade school is cruelly hampering all of our efforts to get better in your career, excel at work, learn a new skill, improve in any sport, learn a new language, do better at school, or become a master networker.

About The Author:

Paul R. Scheele, the co-founder of Learning Strategies, is one of the most sought-after experts in field of unleashing full human potential. His pioneering program, Photoreading, has appeared nationally on hundreds of television channels including CBS, All News Channel, The Learning Channel, TPN, Discovery, Home & Garden, The History Channel, as well as the radio show “American Breakthroughs.”

His greatest passion is to empower people to live their greatest lives in the maximum abundance possible.

Paul’s unique expertise in Accelerated Learning and Human Development coupled with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and universal energy makes him a highly invaluable teacher who gets frequently recommended by well-known peak performance experts such as Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Ken Blanchard, T. Harv Eker, and Brian Tracy. He is also the founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council.

Program Testimonials:

“I have seen Paul Scheele help countless numbers of people to discover a faster, more efficient path to success through his Photoreading strategies. No matter what you need to read, he can teach you to get it done in a third of the time.”
Tony Robbins, entrepreneur, best-selling author and the nation’s #1 life strategist

“If you read more slowly than you’d like, consider taking a course to increase not only your reading speed but also how fast you absorb the information. The best resource I’ve found is the Photoreading strategies by Paul Scheele.”
Jack Canfield, bestselling author and originator of Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

“If you’ve ever wondered how to use more of your mind, Paul Scheele has made it not only possible but also easy and fast. His teachings allow you to fully awaken from the trance of limitation and reclaim your brilliance.”
Joe Vitale, bestselling author, speaker, musician, movie star and Law of Attraction expert

Upcoming Launches:

In the second half of October, we will be launching Faster Deeper Bliss by Tom Cronin on Friday, October 14th. Stay tuned for more details on our Facebook page or Affiliate Program Blog.

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