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We’re happy to announce that Soulprint Healing with Carol Tuttle is now an evergreen offer as a home-study course so you all can drive perpetual traffic to this highly rated offer!

Soulprint Healing was our third successful launch from last year — it was structured as a live program with weekly classes for 12 weeks, priced at $495 and converted as following:

Product price: $495
Payment plan price: 3 X $183
Value Per Lead: $8
Value Per Masterclass Attendee: $14
Value Per Visitor for Sales Page: $7.79

Due to it’s success, we’re super excited to now have all the live recordings packaged as a evergreen home-study course with a lower price point!

You can drive traffic either straight to the sales page, or to the landing page for a ‘4 free lessons opt-in (recommended)’.

Product Price:
Sales page : $199
Landing page (4 free lessons — recommended) : $149

There are also one-time-offers and discounts to be offered along the way for various different opportunities for people to purchase, as well as a masterclass for those who are keen to learn more. There will also be a one time offer for those on your list who end up watching the scheduled masterclass.

Additional Information & Resources

About The Program:
12-week energy healing course comprising of pre-recorded lessons using proven healing techniques such as Chakra Clearing, Meridians and Soul Contract Clearing to provide healing in many different forms.

About The Author:
Carol Tuttle is a global authority on Energy Healing and is one of Mindvalley’s top authors, having published 3 highly rated and successful products with us: Chakra Healing, Healing School and Soulprint Healing.

Tuttle started her Energy Healing journey in 1989 as a severely depressed mother of 5 young children. She first tried conventional medical therapy to find a cure, only to be told the “solution” was powerful prescription medicine.

Convinced that there was a better way to heal her depression, she began her study of Energy Healing. It helped her so much that in 1994 she began a new career as an Energy Therapist.

Over the past 20 years Carol has helped hundreds of thousands of people to discover their Unique Energy Type and create more happiness, well-being, health and abundance.

In this latest healing product with Mindvalley, Carol reveals her most powerful discovery in spiritual healing… which is learning to listen to your soul, and source guidance from it by uncovering your unique Soulprint.

Program Testimonials:
“I cannot put a value on this program, for it is priceless. The wealth of information is exactly what I needed. It has answered so many of my questions and has given me so much clarity for the steps to be taken and how.”
Jeanie Horsley
Orlando, FL

“I felt stuck between a hard place and a rock — not able to make a living out of the work I love, knowing full out that I am 100% responsible for that circumstance. Carol’s message was enough to inspire me to travel across the ocean to hear her in person. I feel it was worth every mile.”
Glen McLauchlan

“I have seen several people and nobody helped like you did. You are one of the best at what you do. Thanks for helping me become free of fears and blocks that nobody else has been able to help me get the results you have helped me achieve.”
Kathryn Anderson

You can see more testimonials here.

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Let the healing begin….!

Veena Sidhu
Senior Partner

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